Your Maiar Level and your Global Rank are based on the amount of activities you do in the app. Think of it like a game - the more you do, the more you get!

  • Social: You unlock social stickers by having Maiar friends (people from your Contacts list that use Maiar).

Loner - below 4 friends

Party Starter - 5-9 friends

Influencer - 10-24 friends

Celebrity - 25-50 friends

Rockstar - above 50 friends

  • Learn: This is where things get interesting - leveling up is based on your app activity, kind of like a game where you gain XP based on what you do.

For example: Sending & Receiving EGLD to your friends and family will increase your level.

Reading the Beginner & Intermediate Guides will prove to be extremely helpful since they contain a lot of valuable information about crypto and, by doing so, you will boost your level.

Creating your @herotag and adding an avatar (profile picture) will help your Maiar friends know who you are.

Setting up your PIN, FaceID or TouchID, backing up your wallet in the cloud (iCloud or Google Drive) or manually backing up your Secret Phrase (offline) are the security steps needed to increase your level. Completing these steps will also secure your account and allow you to recover it at any point in time, should anything happen to your phone for example.

And last but not least, the top dogs - Buying EGLD & Referring Friends! The more you buy EGLD and invite people to Maiar, the more your level will increase. Referring Friends and inviting them to use Maiar is actually the best & fastest way to increase your level!

  • Money: You unlock money stickers by buying, transferring and holding EGLD in your Maiar Wallet.

Shrimp - below 1 eGold

Crab - 1-4 eGold

Octopus - 5-24 eGold

Dolphin - 25-99 eGold

Whale - above 100 eGold

Global Rank - your rank amongst all the other Maiar users.

Level - level up by completing tasks, referring friends and sending transactions.

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