Once you hit Send, the transaction will be passed over to the network where the miners or validators process it. The confirmation of a the transaction can take from several minutes to just a few seconds depending on the network.

In the event that the transfer is not showing, here are some steps that can help:

Step 1 - Confirm the Destination Address

Check where the crypto was sent. Is the address correct? Review the transaction and confirm if it was actually sent to the correct address.

Step 2 - Does the Receiver Need a Memo or Destination Tag?

With centralized wallets that are on exchanges, a Memo or Destination Tag are sometimes needed. If you forgot to include this information then you need to contact the receiver. In most cases, exchanges will need to confirm that you are the real sender, before they can credit your deposits.

Step 3 - Does the Receiver Support The Crypto?

There are over a thousand cryptocurrencies out there. Some wallets or exchanges may or may not be supporting the crypto that you have just sent. Always check the name of the crypto not just the ticker symbol.

There are also some instances that the receiving addresses looks similar to an ETH address (which is used by ERC20 tokens). But in reality, the token was already swapped and is already on a different blockchain.

Step 4 - Contact the Receiver

After going through all the steps and you are certain that you have submitted the transaction properly, the next step is to contact the receiver. If the recipient is another wallet app or an exchange, then please reach out to their support team.

If the receiver is also using Maiar, then please refer to this guide: I Did Not Receive Coin or Token.

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