The Security features will prevent unauthorized access to the app. Make sure you have a Backup of your Secret Phrase.

Do not forget the PIN as this can only be bypassed by reinstalling the app.

Step 1 - Access Settings

Go to the Settings tab and then tap on Security.

Step 2 - Set PIN

Enter your desired 4-digit PIN. Don’t forget to backup your wallet (read guide here), so you will be able to recover your wallet if you forget your PIN. Confirm the PIN.

Maiar is using an auto-lock feature so that after 30 sec of inactivity the app is automatically locked.

Step 3 - Enable Biometrics

To enable Biometrics login (if device supports it) toggle on Login with... Face ID or Touch ID or Fingerprint, depending on your device capabilities. Transaction signing feature can also be configured here.

If you want to use Face ID or Touch ID, you need to have this setup first on your device.

Note: Some older devices only has Touch ID available. While on the newer iPhones, they have Face ID only.

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