Notice: Always backup your Secret Phrase. Your Secret Phrase is the key to your wallet. If you lose your Secret Phrase then you will lose access to your wallet. The Secret Phrase can be found in Settings.

Never share your Secret Phrase with anyone.

In the event your phone is broken, stolen, lost or the app is accidentally deleted, your wallet can always be restored on a different phone using the Secret Phrase. There is no reset or recovery process; if you lose your phrase you lose your funds with it!

Back up manually

This is probably the safest way to backup your Secret Phrase and this is the option we would recommend to most of our users.

The manual backup can be done in addition to the cloud backup (explained above) or can be the only backup you choose to have. It is up to you. It goes without saying that if you choose to manually backup you need to make sure the backup is safely and securely stored in one or two different locations.

Best practices:

  • Write it down on a piece of paper and store it in a safe and secure place. If you are looking for something more durable than paper, we recommend using a Cryptotag.

  • Store it inside a Password Manager. Your secret phrase will be stored inside an encrypted database either locally on the user’s device or remotely through a cloud service provider: Amazon, Dropbox, etc. Solutions like Lastpass, 1Password or KeePassXC are usually a safe and popular choice.

  • Test your secret phrase. While you are at the Secret phrase screen, you can verify that you have correctly saved the words. Putting them at a wrong order will result to an error.

Back up your Secret Phrase on Google Drive or iCloud

In the last version of the app you will have the option to backup the secret phrase on Google Drive (if on Android) or iCloud (if on iOS).

You will need to choose a password in order to save the file on the cloud. The Secret Phrase is encrypted on the cloud with the password you choose and even the Maiar team or Apple or Google cannot access this.

Please notice that this password cannot be reseted by us or anyone else. So please remember it or back up this password as well. If you don't know the password the backup will not be able to be recovered.

You can delete the backup from the cloud at anytime (as long as you still have access to the Maiar app) and create a new one with a different password. This is especially helpful if you want to change the password or you lost it.

Additional steps to secure your wallet

  • To make sure only you have access to your Maiar mobile app, make sure to add a second layer of authentication such as Passcode or Touch/Face ID to access your funds on your Maiar Wallet. This prevents any potential bad actors accessing your wallet in case you lose your mobile device or just left it unattended.

  • Make sure your device is free of any malware and never install Maiar Wallet onto a rooted device. To make sure you are always using an authentic version of Maiar Wallet, you should download the App exclusively from the links provided on our website:

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